Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ou sont les portes?

Morocco has many interesting customs and traditions. When we spent the night in Casablanca at Sophia's Aunt and Uncle's home I thought I'd discovered another cultural dissimilarity from that of my own.

It was only as I was unpacking and readying myself for a good nights sleep that I realised there was no door on our bedroom, actually there were no doors on any of the adjoining bedrooms or the bathroom.....was this some sort of Moroccan tradition? Maybe this custom of door-less living was specially reserved for close family? Was there some sort of bathroom code or regulations that I was going to need to familiarise myself with? As all the rooms faced each other this was going to be awkward!

I gathered myself and managed to find the words i was looking for "ou sont les portes?"

It turned out this wasn't a unique obscure Moroccan practice, the painters were coming Monday.
A good door is not hard to find, usually.

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