Friday, 15 June 2012

A new museum

For a country that is so rich with cultural and artistic history and tradition, there ain't a lot of museums here but during our visit to Casablanca we were introduced to Lalaoui
Azizi Ouajid Moulay Assaid and his wife Suzanne who are both trying to change that.

Moulay Said (for short) and Suzanne have been long time admirers and collectors of Islamic art and are the brave minds behind The Grand Museum of Marrakech, a unique project designed to promote artistic exchanges and cultural ties between Morocco and the rest of the world.

Situated on a 5 ha block of land on the road to Casablanca, from afar the museum doesn't look like much, most of the site is still currently under construction but Moulay Said was keen to run us through the plans for his museum which consists of sixteen galleries, a house for invited artisans, a library, projector room, workshops and even spaces for artistic creation and we quickly realised just how big his and Suzanne's vision for their project is. At the moment only the smaller buildings surrounding the main gallery have been constructed and are nearing completion, the attention to detail and care that has gone into the finishes are mind blowing! Delicate shades of natural tones have been carefully considered (two years and 127 attempts I believe) to create the perfect colours for the renders. New techniques and different balances of materials have been adopted to apply the perfect texture to the renders. Heights, widths, alignments and levels have been painstakingly measured and matched. Highly decorative details have been subtly added throughout.

Sophia and I were given the grand tour of this new grand museum and it was impressive! It's only the beginning and the museum already has an air grandeur, I can only imagine how the museum will look and feel once the main building is complete!

Morocco is a country of possibilities and it's always exciting meeting the people who are exploring them.

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