Wednesday, 6 June 2012

1st Gear

Life here in Mohammedia all happens at an easy pace. The surf gentle laps the shore, the locals casually go about their daily chores but all the time the music pumps! In the supermarket, out of car windows, on the beach, restaurants, train stations, shops..... if there is music to be played it's only to be played at full volume and make sure the track has a good healthy beat to it!

It's been over a week now and we've spent our time trying to find our feet, to set up our working routine and for me to acclimatise to simply just being in Morocco. We've shot images in the souk, the fresh food markets, farms, the beach and even had the pleasure of being invited to a Moroccan naming ceremony.  My Arabic has improved 100% (not hard when i had none to begin with), my French has failed (a smile still goes a long way). Sophia's parents Zouzou and JP have done their best to educate me on the ways of Morocco but what i have learnt most about are Moroccan building techniques.

The small home they own on the beach near Mohammedia has undergone some drastic changes recently and we have been trying to live and work in the middle of the finishing touches that are still being applied. Building work comes at a fraction of the cost of that in Australia and it also goes a twice the pace. The building code here is certainly not as strict as at home which results in some eyebrow raising techniques and also some amazing ingenuity. As JP said "Moroccans work with what they have and they make it work".

We're off to Casablanca tomorrow, time to change gear.

Our ingenious Moroccan builders
Mohammedia fish markets

Straight off the boat

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