Saturday, 16 June 2012

Early Birds

The early bird catches the worm, and the one that gets up late suffers dehydration and a slow painful death in the midday sun.

We were going to leave early for Essaouira but in true Moroccan style our efforts were hampered by a two hour wait for our hire car to get the correct papers approved on it. There was a buzz in the car when we finally got underway, this was the first time on this trip that we had actually headed off under our own steam without having to work around timetables or other people's schedules. A few near misses as I got used to driving in disorderly Moroccan traffic and we were off out of Marrakech into the 36 degrees countryside in our aircondition-free car, windows down and shirts off.

Our first stop was to return to the location of our wedding to scout it for one of our entertaining stories we will shoot for the book, then it was a 3 hour careful drive avoiding Police speed radars straight to the coastal town of Essaouira with an old Moroccan farmer we'd picked up on the highway in the backseat screaming Berber (moroccan dialect of Arabic) in our ears the whole way.

Our favourite soccer field.

Jump inside and you'll see the air conditioning  button has gone.
Essaouira, where the giant seaguls roam.

Me and our hitchhiker.

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