Sunday, 10 June 2012

Femme d'Affaires

Recently we were invited to the opening of new little boutique in Casablanca called Flowerbox that essentially produces 'green' decor owned and run by landscape designer Yasmine Sijelmassi. Flowerbox utilises a special system of stabilisation that allows flora and fauna to be displayed for up to 10 years with absolutely no maintenance allowing for small to large interior green wall displays.

The boutique had been extended into the street by means of a large white marque and we were greeted by one of the largest doormen I'd ever seen. Music, food and drinks (champagne for the out-of-towners and fruit juices for the locals) were generously served to the long guest list. Coming from Australia it's usually a pretty safe assumption that we were the most foreign guests there and so the introductions are quickly and easily made (for me the conversation often stops there....haha). The drive home is where I get the de-brief (translation) and learn that we have been invited to meet a few very interesting people once we get to Marrakech in a few days.

Yasmine's boutique not only showcases part of the diverse genres of business now present in Morocco but even more importantly the visibly increasing number of businesswomen. Let's be honest, Morocco is still very much a male dominated society but King Mohammed VI is renowned for his implementation of some of the most progressive laws on women's and family rights in the Arab world making it possible for women like Yasmine to establish flourishing businesses here in Morocco.

Yasmine and one of her green walls
Hassan and Sophia reconnect

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