Friday, 20 July 2012

Trigger Happy

Day one of the food shoot in the Palmeraie on the outskirts of Marrakech. Riad Jnane Tamsna offers a peaceful luxurious stay for its guests but it was the seasonal and constantly evolving menu that caught our eye on a previous visit.

We sat nervously waiting for a chef to appear, as we were 30 minutes late (taxi fare negotiation is always a major time drainer) there was a good chance we may have missed our window and would be chef-less for the day. We really didn't have anything planned except for the recipes we wanted to shoot and we'd never even met the chef that had been promised to us for the next 2 days. A few moments later and in strolled our chef, introduced herself as Bahija, listed the recipes she was going to prepare for us and finally asked "what language would you like me to present them in? English, French, Arabic or Spanish?".

"Ummmm....... let's start with English and we might throw a few other languages in along the way, you good with that Bahija?". This girl needs her own TV show! With a room full of cameras and strangers, Bahija calmly presented to camera not only the steps involved in each of her dishes, but also the origin and history of each. Jane's pen scribbled furiously noting every detail of each recipe and Soph filled in the cultural and language gaps while Steve and I battled each other for all the best angles.

 Lost in a poetic mix of languages and aromas it was easy to forget that we were there to work.

Yeah, Yeah, work it Steve.

Hand-held, tripod, weird cyborg neck brace.
"We won't miss a thing if we split up".
Jane and Soph double trouble the recipes.

Bahija is amused by our accents.

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