Monday, 9 July 2012

1st Biennale Internationale de Casablanca

A late night shooting and enjoying a party in Marrakech didn't make for an enjoyable early start and train ride to Casa but the first Biennale to be held in Casablanca was an artistic event we didn't want to miss. Held in a number of different prominent locations, with our limited time we chose to visit the old slaughterhouse (Les Anciens Abattoirs) where our mate Ouardane Abderrahmane was producing a performance piece to promote the need for environmental care here in Morocco.

There has always been a strong traditional artistic and artisanal scene here in Morocco and the modern art scene has really exploded. Exhibitions like this are aiming to create public interest in art here in Morocco as well as connecting it to the international art network.

Casa seems to get the flick from the list of recommended tourist stops but events like this continue to prove that Casa can be just as interesting place as any in Morocco.

An art riot

Ouardane Abderrahmane goes live.
Cherifa putting her print on Ouardane's performance piece to encourage environmental care.

no strings attached.

Sophia, JP & Cherifa Grosse, Ouardane, happy man.
two red shoes, one long leg.

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