Tuesday, 3 September 2013

We're back!

We must apologise for the long period of silence. Finishing our Colour of Maroc, a celebration of food and life book has been much harder than we first anticipated.

Since arriving back in Australia late last year, after 3 months travelling Morocco shooting with respected chefs, family and locals, we have been working furiously translating recipes (from French & Arabic), testing every one of those (the traditional ones from Sophia’s family to the more contemporary ones from the chefs of palaces), writing and sorting through thousands of images.

What page goes where?

Jane Hann, our food stylist and recipe writer who travelled with us on part of our journey, has even developed some simple modern recipes for us based on what inspired her during our trip. We also jumped straight into designing the book with Reuben Crossman (award winner book designer) and he has helped us bring our vision to life (with a few 3am finishes). Unfortunately our blogging and social media was put on the back burner because the book had to take priority- but finally it is done.

When first set out on our journey we had the support of a publisher but not far into our trip (due to restructuring within the publisher and a change of ownership) we unfortunately lost that support. It was a scary position to be in, having only just begun our Moroccan adventure and now being faced with the reality of finishing producing the book alone, having to finance the whole project ourselves and not having any guidance behind us from an experienced team.

But, determined to finish, we decided to push on and complete the project by ourselves, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotion with many ups and downs but we made it! To put the cherry on the cake, during the last month of finalising the book, we even landed Murdoch Books as our publisher. They jumped straight in and helped iron out the last few creases before sending our book straight off to the printers and we should receive a few advance copies any day now!

This is our hardcover book. Look out for it!

So get ready, Colour of Maroc, a celebration of food & life will be released in bookshops across Australia on 25th October. Not only that, but we will also be releasing our own culinary argan oil sourced direct from the finest producer in Morocco. Both will be available on our website www.colourofmaroc.com (you can head over there now for a quick preview of the book) which  will also have had a major overhaul by the 25th October.

Also, follow our updates on facebook www.facebook.com/colourofmaroc

We are so excited, we hope you are too!

Sophia & Rob.

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