Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We're off!

It's almost hard to imagine only 24 hours ago we were standing on the beach at Bondi.

Our mate Jase dropped us off at the airport but was quickly summoned back when the lady at the check-in desk informed us that we were 20Kgs over our baggage allowance and she was going to charge us $70 per kilo. Even I couldn't see how Sophia was going to need 6 pairs of shoes.

Decision time for Sophia. Jase still had a smile on his face even after his second airport appearance.

 Sitting by the beach north of Casablanca drinking Fanta and sharing baked fish with tomatoes and potatoes with a bunch of blokes I just met, I'd only just walked down the street to take a few shots on sunset at Les Sablettes, a beach near Sophia's parents home, but within a minute of arriving I had been invited to sit with a group of local security guards and share the meal they were enjoying as the sun sank behind a horizon of ships waiting to dock in the near by port of Mohammedia.

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